235 E Superior St
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46802

A group of technology professionals and enthusiasts in Fort Wayne, Indiana are gathering for an initial event appropriately named: Geek Dinner. The first Geek Dinner will be a meet and greet happy hour. This gathering is for you if you have an interest in operating systems, databases, programming, web design, mashups, have a blog, and are obsessed with Flickr. The Geek Dinners will help define a greater presence of the Web and IT in Fort Wayne. This is an open invitation, please feel free to bring your colleagues and friends.

Added by dutchrapley on August 23, 2006



Dangit, I'd really like to attend, but I have a schedule conflict.

I vote that someone put together a Google Group / Yahoo Group or similar alongside these face-to-face meetings. I'd like to talk to folks online as well. Email me at [email protected] if you set one up, or I can set one up.


We're really glad to see the interest in and response to the announcement of the Fort Wayne Geek Dinner. Per Dave's request, we've set up a Google Group called geekdinner-fw (http://groups.google.com/group/geekdinner-fw). There has been some response from those who can't attend the October 2 event. Since we won't be meeting again for a Geek Dinner until November, I propose that we do a meetup at a coffee shop sometime soon. Any ideas? Please join the list and post them!


I'd love to go but Archery season opens on the 1st and I intend to hunt.


Hey Winston, thanks for the interest and I completely understand. If the rain keeps you out of the tree stand, fell free to still come join us. Also, we're going to have a second (Coffee Hour) event coming up on October 18th (http://upcoming.org/event/111702/). Hope you can make that one.