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In this seminar we go back to look at one of our most basic communication tools: design.

Communicators have become so concerned about segmenting audiences, framing messages, meeting emerging standards of usability and accessibility that they often tend to forget about design. Design? That's important? Yes, the way the message is presented is still vital. And indeed, remains the biggest single factor in whether that message gets noticed, absorbed and acted upon.

This seminar looks at design in a completely new way. Going back through the history of communication, we distil nine essential principles of effective design - never before identified - that it took human beings more than two thousand years to figure out. And then, applying these principles to the contemporary web, we show what works - and why. Web 2.0? The secret of why some organisations are 'getting it', and others aren't, is all here.

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Added by Kim Partridge on January 31, 2008