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A breath of fresh air runs through copper wires and into the heart of Manhattan!

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Featured Artist:Ryan Wolfe

Dates:March 10-13, 2006

Venue:636 Eleventh Avenue, New York, New York

A robotic field of grass moves in at -scopeNewYork. Just moments after an acclaimed exhibit last Fall and a sold out presentation at -scopeMiami, artist Ryan Wolfe and Dam, Stuhltrager Gallery unveil the third installment in ?Sketch of a Field of Grass? at -scopeNewYork.

"Sketch of a Field of Grass" is an installation of robotic grass that encapsulates the experience of watching the rise and fall of a summer breeze across a field. Just as in a real field, every single blade responds to the wind in a slightly different way. Individual blades in the installation are computationally autonomous, possessing the ability to sense and respond to local environment independently. Each blade is both physically distinct and simultaneously part of a larger aggregate phenomenon. The emergent behavior that comes from the interrelation of independent nodal behavior interpreted in a group context is fundamental to the overall aesthetic effect.
"My work is an exploration of patterns ? spatial patterns that are created by the replication and interrelation of a group of objects, and the kinetic patterns that occur when environmental reactions are shared by and among those objects. I focus on using the aggregate/emergent behaviors that are a result of these group interactions to create more meaningful and complex forms." -R. Wolfe

Swooning crowds caught the wave last September. Raves from Wolfe?s last exhibit at Dam, Stuhltrager...
In the Brooklyn Rail, James Kalm called Ryan Wolfe a ?welcomed relief?.
Artnet?s Stephen Maine noted, ?calming effect lulls the viewer into not caring to figure it out?.
Barry Hoggard of Artcal named it a, ?favorite show.?
James Leonard states, ? Wolfe has deliberately taken the intellectual high road. And it pays off...? .
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