361 Metropolitan Ave
Brooklyn, New York 11211

about +/-

NYC act +/- {Plus/Minus} was originally conceived in 2001 as a vehicle for the songs of Versus guitarist James Baluyut, but the act quickly evolved into a full-fledged band, with the addition of fellow Versus guitarist/vocalist Patrick Ramos and drummer Chris Deaner. This new incarnation of +/- {Plus/Minus} was an entirely original construct, layering wistful pop with dynamic and complex arrangements and fusing rich, dense guitar sounds with polyrhythms drummed, strummed and programmed.

about Moools:
Formed in the late 90’s, Moools have become known as one of the finest independent rock bands in Tokyo, Japan. Their unique combination of dynamic rhythm figures and diverse songwriting styles has found them a strong fan base. They have also attracted the attention of many of the musicians who have shared the bill with them. John Atkins (764 Hero / The Magic Magicians) has described them as sometimes sounding like “a blend of early Talking Heads and Meat Puppets.” Mt. Eerie has even covered their song “Koneko Calender,” which is featured on this DVD as well as on his latest live album.

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