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The Change You Want to See Gallery presents:

Yomango Style, I mean steal

Presentation and workshop by Yomango. Yomango is a brand name whose goal is not the sale of products but lifestyles, just like with all the other big brands. However, in the case of Yomango, the lifestyle is based on shoplifting as a form of disobedience and direct action against multinational corporations. Just as the market captures desires, expectations and experiences and sells them back as products, the Yomango style promotes the reapropriation of what was once part of the commons. Yomango is an open-ended process generating tools, prototypes, and dynamics that flow and proliferate, waiting to be re-appropriated.

Yomango is an artivist collective that originated in Spain, and now has franchises in Argentina, Chile, Mexico, and Germany. They can be found
in galleries, in the streets, and at mobilizations around the globe.

Yomango is not about stealing, nor does it condone any illegal act, it doesn't even have to do with shoplifting anything. Yomango makes visible a very concrete reality: people shoplift. Yomango is an attempt to understand why. Some possible hypothesis have started to turn up: the instability in which most of the people today live could be one possible reason. Another could be the abusive policies of the multinational corporations which govern the market and hence, the planet. For that reason, Yomango says: Yomango is not theft! It is property which is theft.

The Change You Want to See Gallery and Convergence Stage is a project of Not an Alternative, a Brooklyn-based arts collective. In support of creative resistance to the Republican National Convention last summer, Not an Alternative offered resources to artists and groups in the form of a space, arts materials, production crews, and organizing support.

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