313 Meserole St.
New York City, New York 11206

Blackkat.org, Complacent Nation,
T. Beale, and Nine90 invite you to:

Wild Wild Brooklyn
A real-time exploration of the out-of-control.

This Saturday, March 4th
Arrive after 10pm and stay until much later.
At our new 9,000+ sqft. home of danger:
313 Meserole St. - East Williamsburg Brooklyn

Details: http://www.wildwildbrooklyn.com

What is it?
Big music; intimate spaces; sultry dance floors; dangerous
art; glimpses of nudity; climbable sculpture; fantastic
costumes; fire and moonshine; hidden spaces; beautiful
stars; floor shaking bass; kisses from strangers; the
Brooklyn frontier; the inescapable dream; the sweetness of
sweat; the never-expected; the exploration; the free; the
you putting the Wild into Wild Wild Brooklyn.

How does is it sound?
A touch of techno and a glimmer of breaks with dub, house
and live experiments of flavor. In the Wild you are
guaranteed to dance.

In the room of wood:
Lenny Dee [Industrial Strength], David Hollands
[Minimalwage.Com], +Liondub+ [Chopstick], Jason Bk
[Blackkat.Org]; and performances starting at 10pm from:
Jimmy Jackson [Howie Wreckhords] Spinning vintage rare field
recordings from Africa, Asia, and Polynesia then Hopfrog's
Drum Jester Devotional [NightonEarth Los Angeles] a
Middle-Eastern inspired lofi dub duo.

In the room of brick:
*Live* tight experiments in sound/dance design from Riipiit:
[Riposte Records, Paris], Tzii [NightOnEarth, Belgium],
Lance Blisters [Share NYC], David Last [The Agriculture]
Madaro [Blackkat.Org], Naked Slice [Renegadevirus].

How does it look?
This is the start of a six week interactive art installation
focused on climbable sculpture, interactive video nooks, and
discreet performance spaces featuring the Village of Shadows
by will (nation) with hookahs from Balk Tick, gift costumes
and live painting by C-Spot Designs, explore Fort Box built
by Bunny, the big visual by Olga Naiman, video projections
and the magic laser box by ImageNode, plus the foundation of
the big sculpture by Thomas Beale the woodsman.

How to get there?
The L train isn't running this weekend but you love
adventure and a bike/cab ride through Brooklyn is as
good as it gets.

The location is at:
313 Meserole St.
Between Bushwick Ave. and Morgan Ave., south of Metropolitan Ave.
2 blocks from the Montrose Stop (shuttle busses replace the L).

View the map at: http://www.wildwildbrooklyn.com

>From the Lower East Side it is $12 cab ride. But, we will
make up the travel cost with the discounts below...

How much?
*Free* if you work at it.
$10 otherwise.

To get in for cheap:
Get $5 off by coming in costume or
Get $7 off by coming in a costume that lights up
and/or get $3 off by coming on bike (free indoor bike parking!)

Arrive on bike with a costume that lights up and the party
is free, anything less and you pay something. Just subtract
your discount from the $10 base price, for example a
non-lighted costume gets in for $5. Just want to drink and
dance? Then the cover is $10.

And by costumes, we mean *effort*. Think wild wild,
feathers and feathers, Max and the Wolf Suit, the Fastest
Draw in Brooklyn, Oscar Wilde, Calamity Jane, The Warriors,
Tennessee 1873, Brazil Carnival, the lion tamers, the wicked
you dream of and the wild you realize.

...this is just the beginning.

Added by ComplacentNation on March 2, 2006