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Tokyo, Tokyo Prefecture

This trip is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by people that already tried this adventure!

What: Waterfall climbs, cliff jumps, whitewater rafting, onsen and BBQ party
When: June 17 (Saturday)
Where: Kinugawa, Tochigi

A brief description of what will happen on the trip:
- Meet at Kinugawa koen station (Tobu line) at 8:45am
- After that, we'll go over to the rafting place. Everyone has to fill out an insurance form and get the gear on (wetsuit, life jacket, paddle, wet sandals and helmet). We'll then head to the river, have a safety briefing and begin. We'll start down the river in the rafts. We'll raft for about 30 to 45min and then stop at the waterfall entrance and climb the waterfall from the river. The waterfall takes about 2hrs to climb. There are about 20 or 30 waterfalls to climb up ranging from only about 50cms to over 3mts. In some places we'll have ladders or ropes set up to help you get up. There are also several deep pools to cross that you will have to swim. Don't worry if you can't swim well, you will have a life jacket on and the guides can help you. Eventually we come to a magnificent hidden 8-meter waterfall with a large clear pool. After a nice swim in the pool, some jumps and some pictures ;) we'll start heading down. Since this is the rainy season, most if not all of the rocks are wet and slippery. Please be careful. Don't be afraid to use your hands, knees, or even buttocks to get around. The trip down is always the best. All of those waterfalls that you climbed up now you can jump off of. Great fun!! Enough said. It will take us about an hour to get down to the boats. There's a nice rocky river bank to enjoy your lunch on and a little bit of time to relax or take a swim. There are even a few rocks you can jump off of if you didn't get enough in the waterfall ;) After getting back into the rafts, we'll head down the river again. On the way down the river there are some places we can cliff jump! The rocks start at about 4mts and get larger from there. Perfect for showing off your flipping and twisting ability. One of the main attractions of this trip is the 10mts cliff jump. Of course you don't have to do it if you don't want to. There will be some games while on the boat, too ;) After finishing the rafting, we'll head back to the rafting place to change and then go straight to the onsen.
- BBQ party afterwards from 5pm until the last train (8:36pm)

How much: 16,000yen
Price includes;
- Outdoor activities, rafts/wet suit/wet jacket/helmet/paddle rental, accident insurance, tour guides, food, soft drinks and booze for the BBQ party

- Accommodation for Friday or Saturday night (3,500yen), water sandals rental (300yen)

Things to do on Sunday:
- Hiking
- Sightseeing in Nikko

Official Website: http://www.tokyogaijins.com/outdoor/upcoming/jun17.html

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