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(1971) Mel Stuart
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We have a little tradition here at the walk-ins, often times hollywood likes to take a classic off the shelf, dust off the script, bring in some hot-shot director and the latest and greatest actors to update the classic. Sometimes this works, other times it doesn't. What we like to do before the 'remake', 'remix' or 'redux' comes out, is screen the original and let YOU the audience have a fresh memory of that classic.

That's exactly what we're doing this week with the screening of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. The new version is out this friday (i'm sure you parents are already fandago'ing your tickets) so the timing couldn't be better.

From all accounts the new version is more like the book than the movie.

The weather the past few nights has been great, let's all cross our fingers that it will hold up for tomorrow night! That doesn't mean you shouldn't dress warm and bring blankets because SF warm, is normal places cold ;)

I'm planning on having a limited quantity of Wonka candy to handout for your movie enjoyment so get there on time and enjoy an everlasting gobstopper on me!

- Derek

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