45 Church Road
Hove, England BN3 2BE

Jason Ryan will be talking about a framework for measuring engagement online, presenting some case study material about how iCrossing has put this into practice - and how this framework can help to inform user experience strategy, design and evaluation.

The overall structure for the presentation will be:

* What is engagement?
* Presentation of a user-centric framework for evaluating online engagement
* Insights from using the framework
* How measurement can be monetised
* Designing for engagement

Added by danny.hope on September 9, 2008



Really looking forward to this one.

Great stuff...

Louise Hewitt

Sounds great Jason, but I can't come unless you wear a silly hat and sing nursery rhymes to entertain the kids too.

Will you post it anywhere? or does anyone else want to volunteer to blog it and add a link to UXbri?


Louise (the hard-pressed-working-mother blah blah blah)


Louise, I can confirm that Jason will be wearing a silly hat and singing nursery rhymes as part of his talk.


Just found a pot of Silverback stickers and badges to give away tomorrow.


@danny.hope keep back at lease one of those silverback badges..... I can trade you for a moo card!


Won't be able to make it after all - work stuff - but probably just as well as I have a rotten (& probably highly contagious) cold!