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TransFormations is a year-long series of events formed around four specific topics, each at the crossroads of four larger umbrella themes: art, technology, cognition and perception. Distributed Realities will examine new technology's impact on our ideas of public space and social interaction. Vast new arenas are being opened up by online, mobile, networked and pervasive media. As our digital worlds infiltrate and merge with the physical world, our experience becomes simultaneously more interconnected and atomized. The consideration of physical bodies and virtual spaces forces us to consider ideas of mixed and hybrid realities. How can these new social spaces be used productively? How can we design innovative and immersive interfaces for multiple users?

The event will focus on a number of interconnected topics including:

  • Radical new approaches to distance learning
  • Performances and alternate reality games
  • Multiuser installations and multi-authored storytelling
  • Multiplayer remote experiences versus multiuser face-to-face experiences
  • The various meanings of immersion, interaction, participation and social experience
  • How social connections between people are mediated and amplified via technology

Organized by cinematic arts faculty members Perry Hoberman, Steve Anderson, Anne Balsamo, Anne Friedberg, Richard Weinberg and Michael Naimark; Alice Gambrell (English); Douglas Thomas (communication); and Holly Willis (fine arts).

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