54 Macdonell
Guelph, Ontario 99999

Added by TheSlackers on January 18, 2008



Vinyl eh....interesting joint.


yeah...I'd prefer to see em at e-bar, thats where they played last


i went to see the toasters/flatliners at vinyl, took me long enough to find the hole in the wall, and what a piece of shit it was when i finally did find it.


nevermind, that was SHADOW....never been to vinyl. hopefully its better than that shadow shithole though :P

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Yes Slackers! The vinyl is a sweet club, the former Trasheteria night club is what it used to be called and that's where I first saw the Slackers for a Halloween show! That show was amazing they played a sick encore set including the horns section touring through the crowd! I hope to see a crazy crowd out for the show...big up.