Fifth Avenue at Waverly Pl
New York City, New York

Call for participation in the 1st Annual Robot Parade

Our time has come. We have convinced the good City of New York to grant us a permit and we are gathering for a parade ? a celebration of robots! A call for robot rights! A general good time!

Everyone is welcome, from robots to people dressed as robots and people who simply enjoy robots. The route is very simple ? around the fountain at Washington Square Park.

Sunday September 18 2005 from 11:00 to 3:00pm
New York City's Washington Square Park Fountain

Participants must either

* Be a robot.
* Accompany a robot.
* Dress up like a robot.

First a word about safety...
All robots must be human and robot friendly. That means no robots spitting fire, throwing knifes, or engaging in other activities harmful to humans and robots.

Other than that, any device conceived with some sort of autonomous behavior in mind counts.

We are an inclusive robot parade. Works in progress are welcome. And if you cant build or borrow a robot, dress up like one!

We need you! We want you! One and all. Please contact us if you?re interested.

Send an email to:

Added by botmatrix on September 8, 2005