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Start with the Vegas cool of The Rat Pack, add the sass of the 80's Brat Pack and mix it with the ridonkulousness of The Frat Pack and what do you get? The Phat Pack, 2010's answer to the kickin' crews of yore. Natural heirs to the entertainment throne, your hosts Miss CKC and TMC spit hilarious hip-pop and shill mad funny jokes, keeping you pumped all night long with music and comedy by big names and insane up-and-comers.

Carolyn Castiglia is a comedian and writer based in New York who is known for wowing audiences with her high-energy stand-up and brilliantly funny freestyle rap. You may recognize her hip-hop alter ego, Miss CKC, from Comedy Central, VH1 and MTV2. Carolyn's web videos have been nominated for an ECNY Award and featured in two issues of Entertainment Weekly magazine. Her jokes have appeared in Time Out New York, The New York Post, The Idiot's Guide to Jokes and Life & Style magazine.

Tom McCaffrey is a comedian, rapper, writer and actor based in New York City.He has made numerous national television appearances including ‘Comedy Central’sPremium Blend’, AtomTV’, ‘VH-1’s Best Week Ever’, All Access’, ‘The A-List’ on AnimalPlanet, ‘Not Just Another Cable News Show’ on CNN. ‘The Smoking Gun Presents’ onTRUTV. He is featured on the ‘Invite Them Up CD/DVD’

Tom is an extremely gifted rap artist. In 2010 he released a full length Rap/Comedy album ‘Get Rich or Move Back in With my Dad’ which features appearances from; Aisha Tyler, Hannibal Buress, Joe Derosa and others. The album received accolades from The Onion and Punchline Magazine. Some of his rap videos have appeared on MTV.com and the Comedy Central show AtomTV. One of his rap vids was nominated for an ECNY Award in 2010. Oh, also, when he was 10 he appeared with Irene Cara on the Oscars as she sang ‘What a Feeling’ from the film ‘Flashdance’. Lastly and most importantly he went to high school with Adrien Brody and one time they were both chased through Central Park by a gang of thugs. That is completely true.

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