307 W. 26th St.
New York City, New York

The Paul Downs Syndrome is a disease characterized by: seemingly unrelated or meaningless episodes of multiple personalities, bizarre delusion, and general perversion, suggesting a deranged mind. It is highly contagious.

Created and Performed by Paul W. Downs
Written by Paul W. Downs and Lucia Aniello
Directed by Lucia Aniello

"With tight writing and celebrity cameos, superb character actor Paul Downs takes the audience through a labyrinth of narcissistic and neurotic personalities...Nothing will stop them from succeeding. The same could be said for Downs."
- Time Out New York

"Like Julia Child doing Don Corleone...flirty and distracted."
- Lauren Collins, The New Yorker

"Paul Downs is an irresistible performer to watch onstage...so to isolate Downs in his one-man show, "The Paul Downs Syndrome," is to isolate his comedic mind and to display it in full, vibrant color for better or worse."
- The Apiary

"So whether you get to see any of this wild and crazy stuff on the boob tube may be just a matter of when and where...because I have a feeling we'll be seeing a lot more of Paul W. Downs."
- The Comic's Comic

"Downs exhibited endless, contagious energy throughout the show, not to mention superb command of his material. This is no easy feat for a one-man act, but when you are funny and versatile, it's hard to flop."
- Jester's Journal

Read the Time Out NY review here.

Official Website: http://newyork.ucbtheatre.com/shows/2422

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