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The development of the technological tools has made it possible to make computer games and in the past decades games have conquered the world. What started with simple games like 'space invaders' and 'pong' seems to be influencing far more than our free time. And not just kids play games anymore.

Through the development of games we now are getting new perceptions of our world. By creating new technology and in using new tools we recreate ourselves, and the world around us.

It is an undemocratic process; there is no legislative body, no scientific council, nor a political one which has a blueprint how this will influence our world, how this process should play out.

Like nobody ever voted for printing, for steam engines, penicillin, telephones, televisions or the internet. But they happened and changed our lives.

This evening you will be confronted with different outlooks on the future of games. You are confronted with ideas about a future, based on the knowledge the speakers now have and the expectations of their development and influence.

You are invited to join the discussion how the future of games will change your live.

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