50 Middlesex Street London
London, England E1 7EX

A little gathering for any EE lovers in London or the South East, or those curious about this fabulous CMS.

This will be an opportunity to share knowledge, skills and enthusiasm for the Expression Engine content management system. There will be a couple of informal ‘show n tell’ presentations where EE developers will demonstrate how they have used Expression Engine to meet their needs.

And of course, why not some bEEr drinking thrown in to help ease the new introductions and soothe the tension building around the much anticipated EE verson 2.0?!

Please join the Londoneers group on Meetup (link below) if you are interested but you can't come this time, so we can let you know about the next one.

Nearest tube to The Bell Pub, Aldgate and Aldgate East or Liverpool street.

Official Website: http://www.meetup.com/londoneers/calendar/10968743/

Added by Gradualist on September 10, 2009



There are 9 people confirmed attendees on the Meetup site, incase you are put off by the apparent lack of attendees here on Upcoming, but we are keen for more to come - please join us!