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The Foundation of Creative Expression is proud to present a special taping for the British Broadcasting Channel (BBC) on Wednesday, September 19 at 7PM in celebration of Jack Kerouac’s “On The Road.” The year 2007 marks the 50th anniversary of one of the most beloved and inspiring pieces of literature that many would later cite as an influence to art, music, and life.

The Beat Museum and BBC Scotland will be taping the live recording in commemoration of the book’s publication, hosted by UK favorite Russell Brand and musician/author John Allen Cassady. We plan for an evening full of music, poetry, and comic story telling in the best of Beat tradition. Beat aficionados, those curious on the legacy of the Beats, and comedy seekers are encouraged to attend.

The taping at The Beat Museum will be the final event of a three-week road trip by Brand re-creating for the BBC Kerouac’s famous journey with Neal Cassady that later became the novel “On The Road.”

Russell Brand is one of the UK’s most notorious and celebrated personalities, dabbling in acting, stand-up, radio hosting, and even penning a column for a newspaper. Noted for his honest-but-hilarious takes on celebrities, living in London, and personal anecdotes, Brand delivers a refreshing spin on daily life and cites Kerouac as a huge inspiration.

John Allen Cassady, son of Neal and Carolyn Cassady, watched Beat history unfold in his own living room – Allen Ginsberg and Kerouac himself were frequent visitors. His experiences and interactions with his father’s friends shaped him and has provided great conversation fodder over the years. He and Brand will be debuting a new performance style called “jazz comedy” at the taping, a new approach to David Amram and Kerouac’s approach to “jazz poetry.”

Official Website: http://www.kerouac.com

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