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If you've ever wanted to take an acting master class with the master himself, Al Pacino, the opportunity has arrived. Kind of. THE AL PACINO SCHOOL OF ACTING features actor/comedian Cesar Gracia, of the sketch group Cubicle, inhabiting the persona of Mr. Pacino in a dead-on impersonation. For just under and hour, "Mr. Pacino" chooses people from the audeince to help demonstrate how to act the Al Pacino way. Lessons include how to project, what to do when you get stuck on a line, how to perform Shakespeare, and how to use what "Mr. Pacino" considers to be the most important word in acting (it starts with an "f", has four letters, and rhymes with duck). For a laugh-filled hour of insight into the assumed method of one of our living acting legends, don't miss out on Cesar Gracia in THE AL PACINO SCHOOL OF ACTING!

Official Website: http://www.thepit-nyc.com

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