500 E Cesar Chavez Street
Austin, Texas 78701

Huge international conference about anything related to the Web. 10,741 attendees visited more than 800 panels in 2010.

Official Website: http://sxsw.com/interactive

Added by Martin Kliehm on July 26, 2010



So who's gonna tell em they misspelled "special" in the graphic?


Hi Raines,

Someone did. I've got the message. I am prioritizing my limited time to handle the most urgent matters with timelines and empowering our team to handle other areas with their strengths and interests.

My leadership style is team building via empowerment.

Notes: I am so glad that I did make that stupid misspelling mistake because now I know there are folks out there reading everything with interests. Someone out there do care about us. It is not a bad mistake if I can get web community to response.

Founder of SVWB


Can someone explain to me why this doesn't also show up under the Fremont metro listing?


Very often we make special requests on technical detail. You may learn something that you don't get to see on official blogs, at conferences and not listed on our flyer or event description. Our speaker Kent Brewster told me over Lunch20 that he would demonstrate the mapping integration with Yahoo Pipe. I don't have the detail. I think there are possibilities of Pipe querying parameters narrowing down the feeds and show data on map. Kent, can you comment on this?


We open our online registration tonight at http://webtrek4dimensions.eventbrite.com

It has been closed for many weeks. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Kent, are you still busy at SXSW? We'll wait for you to comment on Pipe mapping integration.

I also like to explore the possibilities of using Yahoo Map in Research & Academic projects. This will be useful for School, R&D and Government.