113 N 7th St
Brooklyn, New York 11211

From email
This one written by Tom Warnick (and don't believe a word of paragraph #1):
Believe it or not, I am a very outgoing person, always the first to put on
the lampshade or gladhandle you at the Soho party or lead the crowd at
homecoming. But put me on a stage and I become a different creature.
Entertainingly demure, a pleasure to bring home to mom and the first to cry
when watching One Life To Life (Asa, come home!) How does this happen? Who
in their right mind would act in such a way? Where is this happening? Good
questions all!!!

This Saturday, June 25, at
The Laila Lounge
113 N 7th St (between Wythe and Berry)
in Williamsburg, Brooklyn
L to Bedford

Who? Who?
8:10 Steve Espinola: Piano-based songs of happiness, sadness, getting away
with it, breaking your hand while running away, and the Temp Agency of Love.
(Tom Warnick on guitar, too.)
9:00 The Ol' Switcheroo, Dave Benjoya brings his mighty musicians to play
ancient jazz with the odd tarantella, featuring Django-style guitar, standup
bass, clarinet and old-fashioned vocal stylings.
10:00 The 4th Street Niteowls: Vintage washboard swing, showcasing the
musics of Fats Waller, Hoagy Carmichael and others of their ilk.
11:00 Tom Warnick & the World's Fair (that's me! that's us!)
(Steve Espinola, Dave Dorbin, Ross Bonadona, and Bill Gerstel)
Better yet, this show will be on the upstairs stage, so it's free to get in!
Cheap drinks, fine company and the debut of our new song "Theme from the
Making of Tom Warnick & the World's Fair: The Movie of the Same Name." Bring
your post-Mermaid Parade bad self on down!


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