425 Lafayette Street
New York City, New York 10003

Selim Sesler in Concert with Guest Star Brenna MacCrimmon
Presented by Joe’s Pub at The Public Theater in association with the Moon and Stars Project

Tickets: $30

For tickets and additional information please call (212) 229-1207 or visit http://www.moonandstarsproject.org.

Dubbed by the well-known British newspaper, The Guardian, as “The Coltrane of the Clarinet,” Selim Sesler is a true master at work when playing his Thracian gypsy tunes. Gaining experience and recognition by playing at weddings and restaurants, Sesler and his band have become popular in Turkey for their original arrangements of classic Turkish folk songs. On his latest album 'Anatolian Wedding', Sesler worked with world music producers Ben Mandelson and Rob Keyloch to rediscover classic wedding songs collected from the four corners of Turkey. The outcome is a modern rendering of a centuries-old repertoire that allows listeners to rediscover old favorites now flush with fresh dimensions.
In 1998 Sesler toured Canada with Brenna MacCrimmon, a chance that afforded him the opportunity to showcase his Turkish Roman and Rumelian style of playing the clarinet to an international audience. Together with his clarinet, Sesler has also appeared in Fatih Akın's widely lauded films Head On and Crossing the Bridge. Selim Sesler has played at important festivals in countries such as Germany, France, and Sweden. Over the past two years Sesler has performed at many special concerts and taught at music workshops across the U.S.
“And to hear the exquisitely winding clarinet of Selim Sesler as he continues his exploration of the folk music played preceding and during Anatolian weddings is to be seduced through time and space, dragged off to one of the world’s great cultural clearing houses.”
Damian Rafferty, FLY Guide to Global Music Culture

Official Website: http://www.moonandstarsproject.org/fests/2007_mayfest_selim_sesler.shtml

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