1000 Fifth Avenue at 82nd St
New York City, New York 10028

Scavenger Hunt at the MET for 30s/40s
Scavenger Hunts are back...inspired by Dan Brown's best-selling novel, "The Da Vinci Code," and are attracting amateur sleuths to museums like the MET and the Louvre. Since we can't fly to the Louvre for a Sunday...let's get to the MET.

Join us as we socialize with available singles and feast our eyes on artful treasures while exploring this delightful museum. Our hunt will be Q & A style so you won't need to crack any codes or cryptic messages, but you will have to think and work as a team to figure the questions out.

We'll hunt in teams of 4-6 players and each team will hunt for answers to a set of thoughtful and tricky questions. This hunt will focus on 7 areas of the Museum so you'll be exploring most of the galleries. Drink lots of caffeine so you'll be pumped up and your mind will be sharp. Please bring a pen and make sure you're wearing walking shoes!

We'll meet for a half hour of socializing while we wait for participants to arrive. After the game we'll meet again to turn in the games for scoring and for another half hour of socializing. A prize will be awarded to the top team.

There's a new special exhibit at the MET called "Hatshepsut: From Queen to Pharoah". I've included questions from this section also so you can see the new exhibit as well as your old favorites.

RSVP & MEETING DETAILS: http://www.RealLivePeopleParty.com

COST: $30 prepaid (+ $1 process fee) on paypal by midnight Saturday June 10 or $35 at the Museum on Sunday.

Official Website: http://www.reallivepeopleparty.com

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