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Maybe you are 100% certain that you can't draw, or maybe you are very competent and confident in your drawing ability. Maybe you are one of those who has had the book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Dr. Betty Edwards on your bookshelf for the last 10 years, or maybe you have never heard of it. Our students have come from both ends of the spectrum and everywhere in between. This course is for everyone, from people who can't even draw a stick figure to professional artists, whether they are children or grandparents! Everyone makes progress. While we all love to draw as children most of us quit by the time we become teenagers out of sheer frustration. But anyone can learn to draw! Drawing is as natural as breathing once you understand the magical 5 steps that will attune your perceptual skills. And once you learn these 5 steps, you learn them for life. All you need is to untap that Right Brain in a totally supportive, encouraging, extremely fun environment.

The workshops cover 40 hours of instruction spread over 5 days and all materials are included. Although this intensive program is specifically designed for individuals who have never drawn before, people of all levels of ability, professionals included, have completed it with a great sense of accomplishment and confidence in their new or improved drawing abilities. read more

Fee: 89,250yen for 40 hours of instruction, materials included
(If you are too busy to take it all at once, you can also take the workshop a few days at a time over several months, as long as the days are in consecutive order. 18,900yen per day if taken one at a time.)
Duration: 5 days
Age: Adult

Official Website: http://www.rbr-art.com

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