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Renegade Breakthrough Mentoring Program + 550$ rebate

In this website you’re going to get a very
thorough overview of Renegade Breakthrough.

I’m going to tell you EXACTLY what you’re
going to learn from me and Mike during
our time together.
But first things first.

Let me break down what Mike and I will
be covering in each of...

#1) Networking, Alliance, Partnering and JV’s
In this session you’ll learn...
-How to get more done with less work by
smart partnering
-Why the new leadership in business means more
opportunities for “ordinary” people (actually
everyone has unique aspects to bring to the
table, we’ll show you how to find yours)
-How to get anyone to joint venture with you

#2) You and Your Business Model: Viability &
Long-Term Growth
In this session you’ll learn...
-What it takes for you to succeed in this
business in a way that fits your values,
personality, and lifestyle
-Websites made easy (“Non-techie” options
for getting a strong, attractive presence
on the Internet)
-The definitive answers for which networking
companies you want to partner with and
what products you should promote

Renegade Breakthrough Mentoring Program + 550$ rebate

Official Website: http://renegadebreakthroughmentoringpro.wetpaint.com/

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