45 Church Road
Hove, England BN3 2BE

Reclaim The Web is a one-day unconference on using participatory web technology for social change. Activists and technologists get together to share ideas, skills and experiences, and to plot and plan future projects. There will be open conversations on topics you suggest, alongside presentations and film showings by seasoned internet activists.

SIGN UP HERE: http://werkshop.eventwax.com/reclaim-the-web/register
(Limited places available)

Official Website: http://reclaimtheweb.net

Added by Chris Anderson on May 1, 2008



couldn't sign up on the eventwax - is there a problem or is it full?

Chris Anderson

There are still places available. There seems to be a problem with Eventwax. I'll post here once the problem is fixed.

Chris Anderson

Should work now :-)


poop faeces and triple merde - I squirm when people give strange public reasons why they can't come to things, but I reeeally wanted to be involved in this - and would have done almost anything to help out. So to explain why, all I can say is... we are with the Dalai Lama that weekend... maybe we can do a consciousness connection thing and beam down for a bit. Will be right there for the pre & post event discussions. Well done for making it happen. Viva guys. May the force be with us all, together.


I have signed up, but not recieved any confirmation. Should I try doing it again?


Gutted that I can't attend this. Hope it all goes well...