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DJ Boo on the 1's and 2's

This rally is about bringing the true essence of the Hip-Hop culture back to the masses. We are here to call out the multibillion dollar commercialization of "Hip-Hop" and show the world that it is not what Hip-Hop culture is all about. We are here to bring accountability to the commercialization of Hip-Hop. Many of our youths do not know when, where, why and how our culture originated or what it is all about because of the rampant commercialization of "Hip-Hop". Millions of dollars are used by media conglomerates to invest into marketing "Hip-Hop" to the masses that their responsibility to the community has been lost. The heart of the Hip-Hop culture has always been the community and we feel Hot 97, the supposed place "Where Hip-Hop Lives", has lost its respect and responsibility to the community a long time ago and it is about time for the community to step forward and take it back.

It is understood that Hot 97 is just one battle in a huge struggle amongst those who use Hip-Hop negatively and those who attack our Hip-Hop community. There are many other media outlets, many other corporations and many other struggles within our communities that need to be addressed. We, as part of the Hip-Hop community intend to address these issues and other concerns. This rally and this Hip-Hop Coalition is only the beginning of a dialogue for our communities to express, discuss and organize.

Added by Hashim on March 1, 2005

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