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Bell Jar Theatre finds new solutions in Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award winning PROOF.
David Auburn's PROOF, directed by 34-year theater veteran Suzanne Birrell, centers on a young woman, Catherine, who has spent years caring for her father, Robert, a brilliant mathematician struggling with mental illness; and who worries that his mental illness is hereditary. A discovered notebook of importance raises the questions: A work of genius or madness? And more importantly, whose work is it? Playwright David Auburn focuses on the fine line between genius and insanity. With his intelligent and witty dialogue, he weaves together elements of drama and comedy in storytelling at its finest.

In an unusual twist, Birrell takes the stance that mental illness is the actual and only antagonist; it is the entity that interferes or inhibits. With this new focus, PROOF is a play full of surprises and suspense. Bring a tissue; prepare to laugh - PROOF is a play that satisfies.

This original and dynamic production of PROOF features four Bay Area actors. PianoFights’ Eric Reid, seen most recently in The Position, Forking and ShortLived, takes the character Hal from a shy awkward youth to an overbearing ambitious professor. Kevin Copps, who has appeared with numerous theater companies including Sleepwalkers Theatre, Theatre Q, Ragged Wing, Dragon, No Nude Men, and Moore Theatre, is Robert; quirky, caring, full of life, and tragic. Theresa Adams, who most recently played Estella in Great Expectations at the Contra Costa Theatre in El Cerrito, brings to the role of Claire a sense of comedy finely balanced with the pathos of the moment. PianoFights’ Gabrielle Patacsil imbues the dark and dynamic role of Catherine with wit and tenderness.

PROOF, is directed by Suzanne Birrell (S.A.G.), who has just recently relocated to the Bay Area from New Mexico where she has been directing and producing theater for over 30 years, most recently the comedy Crossing Delancy.

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Bell Jar Theatre

I am directing this Play. If you have a chance please come on out! Bring your friends! If you haven't seen it; it's a solid good story that will have you holding your breath at times while laughing out loud at others. Do bring a tissue. If you have seen this play, come on out anyway. I've taken a different twist-focused on the mental illness as the antagonist as opposed to making Claire the "fall guy." This makes all the characters more human and well rounded. We can see ourselves in and identify with each character. Makes for a more satisfying story.

The actors have been troupers all around. They take it in stride when I say "I'm directing your soul right now." Frequently I tell them to Taste it: Hear it, Feel it and take me along for the ride. They do. As a director, I laugh and cry and sit back and think: Wow-that's such a well crafted scene. The writer has given us such a wonderful story and these actors are taking it to new dimensions.

I am also producing this play. Haven't done that aspect before. Wow! such a lot of work. I am overwhelmed with the logistics. Anyway, I am a bit late getting my advertising out so if you could push this along I would really appreciate it.



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