747 Howard Street
San Francisco, California 94103

Staying another night in San Francisco after Macworld? Want to go Photowalking somewhere in SF? Come join us for a Post-Macworld photowalk somewhere in the city!

1. It's also Mr Scoble's birthday.
2. Location / Time are liable to change - Moscone is a filler address :)
3. Potential tie-up with MacCamp http://upcoming.yahoo.com/event/261409/ to discuss Digital Photography and your Mac.
4. All photographers, amateur pro or Thomas Hawk (heh), are welcome. Having a point and phoot is not a barrier to joining in the photowalk! Just be patient if some of the group have to stop and change lenses!

Added by nikf on January 1, 2008



What's the end time of this event? Do you have an idea where we'll be walking? Please add some more information soon so I can blog it.

Maybe someone can email raines to see about a possible cross-promotion for this event.

My Annual closeout meetup at RedWoodRoom is at 10PM so I probably won't be able to make this event :(


the last one was swell, what a brilliant end to macworld!


I'll only have my Nikon point-and-shoot, which I can slip in my laptop case, because I don't want to fly with my D40x.


Since Macworld ends at 4, meeting at Moscone 4 hours later seems silly. Also aren't photowalks more fun in daylight hours with things open and people around? I'd recommend moving it up and wandering over to MacCamp at cnet by 6 to continue the discussion... or starting there and wandering off.


A few related items of possible interest on Friday Night in San Francisco. Fray Magazine is having a launch party & signing at The Booksmith which is at 1644 Haight St (between Clayton and Cole) so perhaps a bit far to walk - but then again it would both go through and end up in some very photogenic parts of San Francisco.

In any case I do wanto go on the photowalk - and I want to stop by the Fray launch & signing - ah the joys of San Francisco (not to mention that the Crunchies are happening in SF Fri night as well)

Robert Scoble

Drat, I'm going to the Crunchies, so will need to miss that -- maybe we can join up after the Crunchies?


Moscone Center is a big place. Any more specific location for tonights meetup?