False Aristocracy
2nd Annual Art Show


Reception // Party
January 15th
8pm - late

House of Yes
342 Maujer St.
Brooklyn, NY

all ages
21 to drink
open bar [beer+wine]
Mandatory Donation :: $5


False Aristocracy Presents 2nd Annual Art Show: “Possession”

A highly conceptual, multimedia and performance, installation heavy, group art show with reactionary pieces based on the film Possession [1981] by Andrzej Zulawski. The synopsis of the show alone is enough to confound any audience.

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, Jan. 15, 2010 -- The second of what False Aristocracy hopes will become a famed succession of high concept group art show receptions is taking place on January 15th, at what some consider to an underground yet avant-garde venue in Bushwick, Brooklyn called House of Yes [HouseofYes.org]. Event is scheduled to start at 8pm and last late into the night, fueled by the fervor of dance and an endless open bar.

The show itself, staying true to last year’s emotionally dark theme of nightmare development and expression, is based on an isolated exploration of seven artists’ reactions to a film chosen by the curator and performance artist [Mademoiselle] Lena Marquise. The event however will take on the life of a party more so than the typical art show reception, with dance music provided by several local DJs.

The participating artists were chosen specifically by the curator for reasons yet undisclosed, their connection will be illustrated by method of art installation. The curator herself is to remain completely isolated, yet encompassed by the artists’ work, and will perform a piece at midnight, depicting her own reaction to the film.

The 2d work from the show will then be shown for a month at a venue further south in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, called Sputnik [barsputnik.com], starting January 22nd.

The artists involved and their involvement in the show are as follows:
1. David Bray – Large format / limited edition / 2d prints – London, England
2. Andy Mecca – originals / 2d – New York
3. Nick Coelho – originals / 2d – Boston, Massachusetts
4. Adam Hodges – originals /2d – Boston, Massachusetts
5. Richard Rankin – original film / projection / mount - Rhode Island
6. Casper Newbolt – live photo installation / for Version Ind. – New York
7. *** aka Fancy – engineered soundscape installation – New York

Peripheral artists:
*Curating and performance by: Mademoiselle Lena [intro by Anya S. of House of Yes] / 12am
*Installation aerial performances by House of Yes / 8pm-close

Music by:
*Mike Dextro 8pm-12am & 2am-close
*Vida Venture + Valissa Yoe = V^2 / 12-2am

Produced by False Aristocracy // more info at FalseAristocracy.com

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