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doors 8:30, $8.00
THe Bottom of the Hill website says The Aquamen 2006 reunion tour featuring members of Oranger, and The Famous"

Official Website: http://www.bottomofthehill.com/calendar.html

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Finally! The Aquamen are back!


[Aquatuga, off the coast of Fiji, AP]

When legendary masters of surf intoxica The Aquamen signed up for a glass bottomless boat tour of the San Francisco Bay in 1966, they were supposed to return that evening to play the 2nd Annual Don Knotts Festival of Clams. They never showed up.

The Coast Guard was called out, but called off the search after weeks of searching in vain for the group. San Francisco shut down for a week while dignitaries arrived from all over the globe to pay homage to the band, whom Charles De Gaulle once called "Les Grands Musiciens De l'Eau."

Forty years later, a location scouting crew for TV's Survivor found the band (well, most of them anyway) living on a tiny island in the South Pacific. "We were totally shocked," said Tim Ty Burgess, associate producer. "They had built this little city out of sand, sticks and monkey fur. They were still wearing their trademark blue sharkskin suits with ties, and reeked of rum."

To celebrate their return, they're playing their first show in years at BOTTOM OF THE HILL on SATURDAY, APRIL 15.

So what happened?

"El Capitan" Mike explains:

"Wow. Well, let's see... the bottomless boat pretty much sank, but luckily Turtle "1st Engineer" Meuniot had smuggled several barrels of rum on board with him, so we floated around on those for a few days. Then we were captured by a Australian pirates for awhile, who turned out to be huge fans and offered us a ride home. Unfortunately they had a terrible sense of navigation and dropped us off in what they thought was Florida, but turned out to be Antarctica. We befriended a bunch of hyper intelligent emperor penguins and lived in peace and harmony until First Mate Srini fell in love with the daughter of the chief penguin, and we had to leave in somewhat of a hurry. We rode a chunk of ice into the Bermuda Triangle, where we met a bunch of Sea Monkeys who showed Cabin Boy Vic the fabled 'Lost Chord of Atlantis' (Fm6#11sus4, if you're wondering). Then we somehow ended up on our little island. We survived on rum, coconuts, and more rum." In true Aquamen fashion he concluded "Needless to say, we're a little sick of rum so we're looking forward to enjoying some gin & tonics, martinis, and manhattans!"

Seven members of the group disappeared on that fateful day in 1966, but the rescuers only found six Aquamen living on the island.

"We'll miss Matt 'Poop Deck' Harris. He was a tasty percussionist," remarked Ensign Nat, picking his teeth with a bone toothpick. "Very tasty indeed."



um, hooray.