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8:00 PM

PIT Bosses

New PIT-cultivated one-person shows every week. Amazing performers bring you characters, stories and music. Sometimes silly, sometimes solemn, but always captivating.
Ivan Lerner: Bob Morlock Knows How to Sell Cars!

Bob Morlock may be an albino cannibal mutant from 800,000 years in the future, but he's still the best auto salesman in the Tri-County District! Today, the boss has sent Bob to Jim Youngblood Chevrolet on Route 19 to give the salesmen a pep talk ? their sales are down, and Bob's there to turn things around! Written and performed by Ivan Lerner.

Livia Scott: Goodnight, O.J.

In 1994, while he was in prison and on trial for murder, O.J. Simpson published a book called "I Want to Tell You: My Response to Your Letters, Your Messages, Your Questions." Goodnight O.J. is an exploration into the minds of the people who wrote him. Created and performed by Livia Scott.

Added by The PIT on July 30, 2005

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