1-3-18 Bira Moderuna Shibuya, Shibuya-ku Tokyo, 150-0002
Tokyo, Tokyo Prefecture

"Bridging Cultural Gaps in Business"

Nicole Watanabe, Director, International Marketing and Sales of Japan
Intercultural Consulting (http://www.japanintercultural.com)

Learn how to build more effective business relationships by increasing your awareness of communication styles. Cross-cultural expert Nicole Watanabe will share her insights into the workings of international work-teams, and how the differences between Japanese and other cultures can affect your ability to get the job done. In this presentation, Nicole will discuss case studies involving superior-subordinate communication and meetings, showing how you can spot cultural assumptions that can derail the effectiveness of you and your team.

Speaker Profile
Nicole Watanabe is a facilitator and sales director for the international training and consulting firm, Japan Intercultural Consulting. Nicole has extensive experience consulting and training in HR issues and cross-cultural labor relations. She conducts training seminars for Japanese and non-Japanese professionals on multicultural team-building, cross-cultural communication, and other topics. In addition, Nicole conducts one-on-one consultations for non-Japanese executives on assignment in Japan, focusing on HR strategy, Japanese business etiquette, building business relationships and communicating effectively with Japanese.

Nicole is a specialist in communication, with a Master's degree in Sociolinguistics from Georgetown University. Her undergraduate degree is from Doshisha University in Kyoto, where she earned a B.A. in Japanese Language and Literature.

DATE: Wednesday 8 Febuary

TIME: Doors open 19.00 'til late, Presentation starts 19:30

VENUE: http://www.thepinkcow.com

COST: No Charge for entry! Bar and food pay as you go
Registration NOT required. Just turn up

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