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ORDER FROM CHAOS --The very root of the protagonist struggle grows in soil shared by Jews, Holocaust survivors, and all humans: The need to find peace in suffering, closure for the soul's wounds, and order from chaos. This most human requirement calls to all people, particularly in life's twilight years, ... (more)but to none more than the survivors of war and genocide. Order From Chaos is a present day drama-documentary chronicling one man's drive to overcome his pain and make peace with his suffering. While this film is rooted in history, it is not a historical film. The documentary follows World War II survivor Albert Ketzenger and his journey back through the chaos of war and imprisonment, love and loss, and the search for resolution. As Albert crosses continents to rediscover his life's love and roots, we experience a story that can unite the experiences of Shoah survivors and all people.

Film by Ana Isabel Ordonez

Narrated by Herb Robertson

With the granted permission of : Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum, Poland

Starring : Yehuda Cheres, Loter Martin

Music by :
Herb Roberston
David Chevan The Afro-Semitic Experience feat. Frank London
Zlatko Kaucic
Meir Israel

Historical Advicer :
Neil Feldman

Filmed in Poland, Netherlands, Serbia, Luxembourg, Hungary, New York, Israel

Sponsored by : Augusta Savage Gallery, The University of Massachusetts

Special thanks to Jean-Francois Van Haelen, Terry Jenoure and Claude-Marc Bourget for having the gift of healing and sharing light.

DVD to be released on Ruby Flower Records.

Official Website: http://jazztimes.com/community/articles/26575-order-from-chaos

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