New York City, New York

What: Lunchtime Rally for the Charge or Release Bill
When: Tuesday, January 31 @ 12:30 PM
Where: City Hall Steps

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Dear NYCBORDC Supporter,

Next Tuesday, political leaders, civil rights activists and community
members will gather on the steps of City Hall to call on the City
Council to reintroduce and pass the Charge or Release Bill.

Please join us to show support for this important civil rights

Introduced during the last council session with strong support from
the public and lawmakers, the Charge or Release Bill aims to correct
a serious problem faced by thousands of New Yorkers each month:
detainment by the police for excessive periods of time without access
to a judge.

Join us on Tuesday, January 31 at 12:30 PM at the steps of City Hall
to urge the City Council to finally take action!

The Charge or Release bill would restore the fundamental right to due
process in our criminal justice system. Each month in New York City,
the police detains thousands of New Yorkers for 30, 40, or even 50
hours without arraignment, which violates a 1991 Court of Appeals
decision that individuals arrested in New York should be arraigned
within 24 hours of arrest. Not surprisingly, African Americans and
Latinos face the brunt of this injustice.

The Charge or Release Bill has received strong support. Twenty-three
Council Members signed on as co-sponsors of the bill during the last
City Council session. The Council?s Black, Latino, and Asian Caucus
endorsed it unanimously. And dozens of legal, academic, and
community-based organizations have joined the effort in support of
the bill.

As the new City Council session kicks off, we must keep up the
momentum for this important civil rights bill. Come out during your
lunch break to show your support for the Charge or Release Bill.

Tell the City Council it?s time to protect the due process rights of
all New Yorkers!

See you on the 31st!

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