69 West 14th St.
New York City, New York

Saturday, the Fourth of February
Complacent Nation invites you to:

New Lost City

@ 69 West 14th St.
at the corner of 14th St. & 6th Ave.
Performances start at 9pm
and continue through sunrise
Details: http://www.newlostcity.com

New Lost City is one night of refuge for you, the dreamer,
who desires a New York City as wild as it used to be. Lose
your inhibition in the dark and sultry speakeasy - lose your
religion with the lurid burlesque explosion - lose your
virginity to loin-shaking sound growing from 40's doowop to
infectious break-beats. This is everything we never

In the New Lost City we inhabit our myth...

A city of: Burlesque!
Gemini & Scorpio present seven feats of lost innocence
including: The brilliant blonde bombshell Julie Atlas Muz,
the fearless Amy G of the Daredevil Opera Company, the
bare-chested wrangler Angelo from the Bindlestiff Family
Cirkus, the saucy circus stylings of the Wau Wau Sisters,
and the scandalous Miss Tickle of the Bombshell Girls. All
hosted by Sxip Shirey of The Luminescent Orchestrii. The
Burlesque! begins at 9pm sharp, arrive early to see sights
guaranteed to whip your cream.

A city of: Bravura!
Loud, dancy and full-flavored live music begins at 10pm on
two separate floors featuring Gaijin A Go Go bringing a
deliciously danceable mix of 60's Japanese funk fantasy.
Sxip!Matta will astound you with human beat boxing,
industrial flutes, mutant harmonicas, regurgitated music
boxes and other bio-electro sonic marvels. And the Vintage
DJ is guaranteed to swing you with throwback doowop from the
30's, 40's and 50's.

A city of: Beats!
After midnight the music turns sticky evolving from classic
hip-hop to house to breaks as Camea [Clink / Clickhaus]
dishes sultry ass-mashing [read: tech-house ] rhythms with
live vocals by Rhiannon [The Shift / Subatomic Soundsystem],
and Alex Dirttt and Anthony Parasole [Halcyon / All City]
drop micro house and minimal beats. In the late night the
Blackkat crew bring tekno and fuzzpop on three decks by Jason
BK, minimal hard techno by Madaro and funky breaks by DJ Chrome.
All this builds into an intelligent techno crescendo from
the masters of after-hours Wolf & Lamb.

In the New Lost City everything comes easy...

Roving acts help you find your way featuring costumes by
C-Spot Designs, wooden sculpture and accordion blues by
Thomas Beale along with spontaneous acts of sensual
immersion currated by Akim Funk Buddha. Get cozy in:
Bedouin tents and beds of roses by will (nation),
hookas by Balk Tick, 16mm classic film projections by
Alien Resident from Amoeba Technology, and special
drinks by Miss Elixir with well organized cash bar
by Sari of Rubulad.

Nestled across three expansive loft spaces (and rooftop) at:
69 West 14th St. on the 3rd and 4th floors.
at the Northeast corner of 14th St. & 6th Ave.

$9: Advanced tickets available at:
(cheapest, best, guaranteed entry)

$15: RSVP at: http://www.newlostcity.com/rsvp.html
(cheapish but you may wait in line, tickets are better)

$20: Wander in off the street.
(a bit pricey plus a possible line, for those who fail to

Brought to you by:
ComplacentNation.org, Blackkat.org, GeminiandScorpio.com,
SxipShirey.com, Catalyst Rhiannon, Halcyon, C-Spot Designs,
Miss Elixir, Wolf & Lamb, and The Illusion of Hope.

In this city of dark our visions burn bright, where if
anything happens it happens at night.

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