3225 22nd Street
San Francisco Bay Area, California 94110

This Wednesday, 4/23, it's time for another installment of Nerd Salon!

Do you like to drink and play with robots? Talk about zombies while
flirting with mathematicians? Are you prepared to throw down over Python vs. Ruby, nature vs. nurture, Red Hulk vs. Green Hulk, or MGM v. Grokster? Then it's time you packed up your homework and headed over to Nerd Salon.

Your co-hosts Annalee Newitz and Jennifer Granick are holding Nerd Salon in a new location, the Makeout Room (http://www.makeoutroom.com/) on 22nd @ Mission.

Nerd Salon lasts from 6-9 PM. Do not attempt to eat Nerd Salon.

There will be robots to play with thanks to the kind people who bring
you the Robot Games (http://www.robogames.net). There will be DJ action thanks to Jovino. There will be a puzzle thanks to Jennifer.

And there will be nerds! Drinking! With their mouths!

Official Website: http://nerdsalon.net

Added by ellyjonez on April 21, 2008