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With so many choices out there, what's a good choice for telephone/internet solutions at home, particularly if your home is also your office?

Do you use DSL? Cable? Satellite? Do you use an internet telephone service like Vonage? What about Skype? Does anyone use the magicJack, and if so, does it actually work?

Is it better to get a business solution from the cable company or the phone company and use it at home?

Are there choices or combinations out there that folks have that we don't know exist?

Come and tell us what's working or not working for you. Between all of us, I suspect we'll learn something that will save us some money, or increase our bandwidth, or something else that's good.

Inova Solutions
110 Avon Street
Charlottesville, VA 22902

Directions from downtown Cville:

Take Market Street E to Ninth/Avon St, turn right.
Go over the bridge, get in the left lane.
Look for Spudnuts on the left.
Turn Left at Spudnuts, and then another immediate left.
Follow around, you'll see a large brick building. That's Inova.
Go around to the front of the building and park.
Take the elevator to the second floor. We're in the café.

Official Website: http://www.neonguild.org

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