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The walk-ins is all about finding that obscure movie that everyone loves, the cult classic that puts you back in a specific era, or the screening the original version of the latest hollywood remake so you can be the arm-chair critic. While this programming philosophy serves us well, sometimes there are movies that breakout and just have to be shown. Napoleon Dynamite is one of those movies.

If you've got friends with teenaged kids you can't escape this movie, the 'Vote for Pedro' shirts and the term 'Sweet'. It seems like this movie is destined to be the 'Sixteen Candles' or 'Revenge of the Nerds' for the generation of high schoolers who are winding down their summer breaks and has already attracted a 'cult' status among many people.

If you weren't part of the cool kids in high school, this movie will resonate with you. It's an extreme story of a kid who doesn't fit in, anywhere, but doesn't really care. His struggles are set against the back drop of a quirky family and a town that seems stuck somewhere between the early-eighties and now.

We'll also be screening a short before the feature. This short was created by some local SF film makers for the 48 Hour Film Project (URL). The entire movie was made start to finish in 48 hours! Information on the film can be found at http://www.air-franc.com. It along with 19 or so other films are duking it out for 'best of sf', so cross your fingers and wish our film makers luck.

The fog's been coming in pretty strong the past couple of days, make sure you bring something warm and it never hurts to have someone to cuddle up with and share some popcorn.

Also, thanks for everyone who came out for Wonka night, i counted just over 100 people, surely one of our biggest turnouts!

- Derek

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