236 E. 3rd St betw Ave. B and C
New York City, New York 10009

A competitive storytelling event
kind of like a poetry slam but with stories

Hosted by Frank Damico

7:00 sign-up
7:30 the show starts
$5 at the door

No RSVP needed
Nuyorican Poets Café
236 East 3rd Street, between Avenues B&C

Our forebears (we're talking way back...like frogs and spiders) navigated the world with a lot of help from that molecular mojo known as

INSTINCTS-those unlearned behaviors that kick in when it comes to eating, fighting, nesting, courting and mating.*

A whole lot of those built-in instructions carried on to us Homo Sapiens and guide us still. As in the case of love at first sight, lust at first sight, unprecedented home improvement binges, bar room brawls, or that serendipitous cool thing when a hunch leads you to a great sublet or away from a traffic jam.

Prepare a five-minute tale in which you explore your animal side. Or your intuition. Or your sixth sense. Or any premonition or other intangible instruction you have received and heeded (or ignored... AT GREAT PERIL!)

Tell us about the human equivalent of your peacock feathers rising, your web spinning, your chameleonating colors, your skunk-stink spraying, your quill flinging or the building of your beaver dam. Who is the queen bee in your life? The alpha elephant? King of your jungle? Who, if anyone, sleeps with the lambs?

Or just tell us about your dog. Or any astonishing critter encounter that merits a listen.

* The Moth did not have time to consult a biologist, behaviorist, anthropologist or even a veterinarian for the writing of this invitation.

Please note: storytelling is an art, which means science doesn’t count.

NOTE: According to a vague recollection of something learned in high school, one of the first human instincts to kick in is sucking. But we don't want anyone sucking at the show. So practice, practice, practice...

How it Works:
Starting at 7:00 PM, we'll put the names of all the folks who want to tell a story in a hat. At 7:30 PM, we'll start picking names. Each teller will have 5 minutes to tell his or her tale. After each story, the judges (made up of you, the audience) will confer, and give a score. The teller with the highest score becomes our StorySLAM winner. The winner will compete with the year's other winners in our next GrandSLAM Championship.

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