2785 Euclid Heights Blvd
Cleveland, Ohio 44106

Modeselektor (from Berlin - B-Pitch Control presents) / DJ Mike Filly

This is something you cannot miss - MODESELEKTOR on their "Hello Mom!" worldtour in Cleveland for a very special LIVE performance! Their live show will be accompanied by the brilliant VJ artist KASUMI.

There are times when the music style you listen to becomes mind-numbing babble. Not so with modeselektor from the legendary label, bpitchcontrol / Berlin. This German duo are the gurus of musical exploitation and interpretation that will keep you breathless.
The recipe for their mesmerizing live shows is as follows: one takes a chainsaw and cuts through all possible music genres, and then with virtuoso-like style reassemble it together into something new that will let you dance the hell out of it! This new style dubbed "eurocrunk jam" has even made Radiohead singer Thom Yorke, a devoted fan. The music, played three notches over red on a huge system, blows you away. This adaptation of urban catchwords like electro-IDM, Hip Hop, booty house, continental grime, ghetto-bass, dub-step and such even get the most bored off the barstools. All music lovers are invited.

Line up> Mark Strauss(live mix)> Mike Filly> Jason Soditch(SanFran CA)>Greg Mudge(Ghostly/Detroit MI)

2006/05/30, 8:30pm
(modeselektor is scheduled to play at 11.30pm).

$7 adv / $10 dos
MOCA members halfprice at the door.


Official Website: http://www.grogshop.gs/events.aspx

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