New York City, New York

Empty Pockets NYC
Mister Finger's Photo Hunt & Bar Crawl

Saturday, October 29th - 4pm to ?

You are invited to join us on our first large-scale photo scavenger hunt.

Teams made up of 2-6 people compete to take the most wacked out photos as they bar crawl their way from Central Park to the Lower East Side. Each team is given a random list of 32 items they must photograph and each item is worth 1-5 points, depending on the difficulty or level of embarassment involved in photographing that item. Additional points are awarded for creativity and style. During the course of the crawl, additional bonus items will be text messaged to each team. These bonus items are worth an additional 10 points if photographed.

- Teams must consist of 2 to 6 people. No flying solo.
- Teams must use a digital camera that supports compact flash or SD. (No Sony Memory Sticks!)
- Teams must have one text message capable cell phone.
- Players must be 18+ and have valid ID (passport, driver's license).
- Empty Pockets and Mister Fingers assume no liability for anything bad that might happen during the course of the hunt/crawl. This includes, but is not limited to, getting yourself arrested, stabbed, mugged, murdered, appointed to the supreme court, personal injury and whatever else could go possibly wrong when you ask complete strangers to do ridiculous things for a photograph.
- Entry fee is $50 per team. Entire fee goes to the pot for the winners.
- Judging occurs for the week following the conclusion of the hunt. All teams judge each other team's photographs, but not their own.
- The winners will be announced on November 5th, 2005.
- There will be one payout for each 3 teams competing. If there are 10 teams, there will be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

The url for the website is:

Please send an email to if interested in participating. Please note the name of your team and the individual emails for the members of your team.

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