2121 West Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, California 90026

Methods of Escape/Tactics for Survival

Date: Friday, March 9, 2007 from 6pm until 10pm (opening reception). Show runs for one month.

Location: Anomaly
2121 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90026
(Sunset and Alvarado next to American Apparel)

Admission: FREE and Open to the Public

Artists: Alix Radford Large, Brad Burkhart, Chantal Menard, Joey Remmers, Joshua P. Davis, Leo Ziebol, Matthew Eberhart, .ruinsoncemore., Shannon Drake, Tyler Floren, and more.

Statement: There is a particular mindset in this country of the necessity to wage war upon one of society's ill byproducts. During the 80s we were especially bombarded with propaganda from major television celebrities, sports figures, and members of the political hierarchy to pledge our allegiance to this seemingly holy fight. We were asked to be of clean body and mind, always able to think clearly and not be hindered by a crutch or means of escape from what reality had to offer. We were taught that the seemingly innocent search for higher consciousness by those generations before us that delved into such recreational habits were in fact no more than a ploy to commit mortal sin. The commercial public service announcements informed us that even attempting to tread down that path would leave us brain dead, addicted for life, or insane; that our inner selves would be no more than a hollow shell whose insides could compare to a ravaged kitchen covered in scrambled eggs. Many of us saw the proof, possibly in person or on the television screen. We knew the harm and side effects. We feared that we could lose all control by one single ingestion of some substance, and more than anything we wanted to be strong and face reality.

As we grow older we see that every walk of life has its own escape. Those that shunned the same chemical use with a passion were found to partake quite frequently of the exact same vices. One may walk to a bar to clear his thoughts while another sits at home with a bottle of valium. Here in California some find it fortunate that they can go to their local dispensary for a little medication, while others of us may find that release in our work, our hobbies, our secret lives. Regardless, we all have these "escapes" from what the status quo tells us reality is. We choose that pill to wake up from the Matrix in whatever fashion, shape, or form it presents itself. When such a high quotient of society is engaging in these escapist tactics, logic deems that the escape itself is no more than part of collective reality. It is no longer a method of getting away from what we can't face... but more a means of getting through something either with a different viewpoint, with time to calm our nerves, or with a peace unrivaled. At some point in our lives, whatever our method of escape has been previously, it will become our method for survival.

Information: This is a multiple artist group exhibition to commemorate the opening of the new Los Angeles location for Anomaly. The first Anomaly Studio is in Pasadena and has been a functioning art gallery, full service hair and make-up salon, and professional body piercing studio for three years. The new location will carry on these traditions while adding a small retail boutique and focusing heavily on the quality of art displayed. Public exhibitions will take place on a monthly schedule, with private (invite-only) receptions happening quarterly. Refreshments will be served and this show is open to the public. Please come help support the Los Angeles art scene and partake in the festivities as we officially open doors on our second location.

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