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Dax Riggs (formerly Deadboy & the Elephantmen): " * Tricky fucker, that Dax Riggs. First he comes out of hibernation in late 2005, releases the first new Deadboy and the Elephantmen album in three years with a female drummer in tow, tours the shit out of it, disappears again, then nixes the Deadboy name to release this follow-up to We Are Night Sky under his own (ghoulish) moniker. Working with Matt Sweeney (Chavez, Zwan, Early Man, El-P) has definitely helped focus Riggs’ sound—where Night Sky bristled and buzzed with manic energy uncontained, We Sing of Only Blood or Love is certainly sleeker-sounding. As ever, though, it’s Riggs’ unmistakable world-weary wail packed with old blues imagery (rivers, death, slowly rolling heartache), tweaked by his own special surrealism (exploding moons, demons tied to chairs) that make these bubbling swamp serenades sound so odd and enjoyable. - Daniel Lukes, Decibel Magazine"

Man In Gray: "If Bikini Kill and Sonic Youth had procreated, the frantic infant might sound like this female-fronted, Brooklyn-bred noisy quintet. It's taken the band nearly five years to transform their sound into the edgy, indie-punk showcase on their debut full-length, I Can't Sleep Unless I Hear You Breathing. The end result is a blend of punchy guitar-pop lines and dissonant, wailing harmonies, all pitted against the raw, energetic vocals of singer Tina DaCosta. With each track almost exploding into the next ("Sleeping" to "Stranded") and the occasional reprieve ("Crawl"), Man in Gray attempts to modernize the once-cherished, now wheezing art-punk vibe.
- CMJ New Music Report"

(ps. this is Bryan from Man in Gray's birthday party. there will be cupcakes and such - plus we'll be giving away MiG merch to the first 100 people who come to see us! take your pick of a any available shirt, cd, or 7")

Official Website: http://mercuryloungenyc.com/calendar/show/1176/

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