232 3rd Street
Brooklyn, New York 11215

"Best known as a composer and improviser on acoustic and electric guitar, Connors has released over fifty albums, on commercial record labels such as Table of the Elements and Father Yod as well as on his own St. Joan, Black Label and Daggett self publishing imprints. They include spare solo and duo blues, ensemble experimental jazz, noise, drones, and bleak folk music.

"Connors is a prolific collaborator who has worked with artists including Jandek, Alan Licht, Thurston Moore, Keiji Haino, Jim O'Rourke, Smog and John Fahey.

"Since 1989, Suzanne Langille has provided vocals on husband Loren MazzaCane Connors' albums, including In Pittsburgh, Hell's Kitchen Park, Crucible, and Come Night. In October 1998, Langille released her first solo album, The Enchanted Forest, which features guitar by her husband. Evangeline and Let the Darkness Fall which included Andrew Burnes and David Daniell, as well as Connors soon followed. Gina Boldman, All Music Guide

"Composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Hahn Rowe’s musical trajectory has spanned the realms of Rock, improvisation, electronics, film, theater, and beyond. He has worked and/or recorded with Hugo Largo, Glenn Branca, David Byrne, Antony and the Johnsons, Foetus, Swans, and Ikue Mori, among others.

"Hahn’s digitally enhanced violin and guitar will be joined by mystery guests to be determined…"

8pm $10

Added by Josh Carr on January 3, 2008