Upper Market Street,
Hove, East Sussex, England BN3 1AS

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It is with great joy and much excitement that we present

The ‘Barefoot Doctor’
On location: in Brighton
Date: 26th September 2009.
Time: 10am to 6pm
Venue: The Old Market Theatre, Upper Market Street, Hove, East Sussex BN3 1AS
Event details
To book tickets of this event please visit our stubmatic page here or call 07980 472102 or 01273 240471 for further details.

See the map at the foot of this page to see where the venue is situated.

Learn the Eight Principles of Personal Power from Barefoot Doctor

As a failsafe antidote to recessionary fears and anxiety, learn how to make the right decisions and spot the opportunities inherent at times of great change like this, learn how to steady your nerve, increase your confidence, clear your mind, bolster your spirits and improve your communications and relations with people in your world. The ancients were no strangers to tough times and devised a simple set of eight principles, which once mastered, increased their energy levels, confidence, clarity, focus, communication skill, centredness and ability to make the right decisions. Barefoot Doctor has devoted his life to translating these eight principles of personal power so that anyone can learn them easily and use them to great effect in their lives, whether they’ve had any previous experience or are coming at it from scratch. This day is guaranteed to leave you feeling empowered and able to take on the world – and win. You will acquire what could turn out to be the most powerful set of personal tools of your whole life and have a grand time doing so, because as well as sharing his knowledge generously and precisely, Barefoot Doctor is one of the most fun people in the self-development world

Official Website: http://creativepotential.co.uk/events

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