2565 Mission Street
San Francisco, California 94110

$12-25 admission
21 and over

Kafana Balkan
Kafana Balkan was created to bring together the Balkan community in California. A culture rich in musical traditions and epic parties. Blending Turkish,Greek, Macedonian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Serbian, Bosnian, and Croatian melodies and rhythms always gets the crowd moving. Come and be seduced by the vibrant music of The Balkans. An eclectic mix of different cultures blended together thru centuries of war and migration. Balkan, "The Black Mountain", crossroad of cultures. Come down and drink some rakija!

Kafana Balkan is a benefit for the Bread and Cheese Circus.

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Édessa, happily committed to playing music from the southern Balkans and beyond, covers a lot of musical territory, ranging from the trance/ambient sounds of Épirus to the high-energy dance grooves of Bulgarian wedding music. Rooted in the interwoven traditions of the Balkans, Near East and of the Roma people, the music of Édessa is satisfyingly complex and allusive--full of soul and improvisation. This mostly California-based band has been busy working the ethnic underground dance scene, playing for enthusiastic revelers of all kinds, in all kinds of places.

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DJ Zeljko

The up and coming in the SF underground Balkan DJ scene, DJ Zeljko spins regularly at local clubs concocting a most genuine brew of Balkan beats from many countries and variety of music styles.Crowd pleaser par excellence!

Hleb i Sir Cirkus

For the past 5 years, the Bread and Cheese Circus has been traveling to Kosovo to make free circus shows for refugee children. The circus has members from Serbia, Canada, Bosnia, the United States and Germany. The circus teaches workshops to the children and brings donated circus supplies for the kids. The Bread and Cheese Circus has been working closely with the UN over the past two years and will be organizing the Kosovo tour next year.

For more information about the Bread and Cheese Circus and to view pictures and video from our tour 2 months ago, visit us at:


Official Website: http://myspace.com/kafanabalkan

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