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Raised on Easter Island in the Southern Pacific, his destiny as the next tribal chief was derailed when he was struck on his ample head by an eleven-pound coconut. His three weeks of recovery were characterized by feverish rantings about Santo & Johnny and Speedy & Jimmy and cross-dressing. When fully recovered, Jon was uncontrollably lured to the rusty pedal steel guitar that laid for years in the hold of a World War II cargo plane that had crashed on the wrong side of the island many decades before. His playing was flawless; technically proficient, yet totally swashbuckling and swoony. Eventually, Jon found his way to the brown air that shrouds Phoenix and started his career as a stand in for Alice Cooper's snake.

The keepers at the Bloodshot asylum first noticed him playing with the Grievous Angels. A steel guitar player in a rock band?? Hell YES!!!! His hunched over demeanor and the madman gleam in his eye told us that we had found a kindred spirit.

Since then, Jon has lent his considerable talents to tours and recordings by Neko Case, Sally Timms, Kelly Hogan, Calexico, the Waco Brothers, and Giant Sand. Lets not forget that the steel guitar and Hawaiian guitar are HARD to play, and he makes it look so easy.

He is also revered in Nottingham, England. Seriously.

Representative Quote: Oh, would you STOP it!!

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