4th & B
San Diego, California

i've wanted to see this man perform live for several years now. then i read an article in the new yorker about him and what a consummate showman he has been for his entire career. i had a chance to see him at the apollo theater(i know!!) in NYC in november of 2004 but i passed because the tickets were $150. and it was in harlem. sidenote: i was more scared of spending $150 than of spending the night in harlem alone.

long story short, i passed and have regretted it ever since. now he's in san diego and i want to do this before mr. licking stick goes on another meth bender and does some more time upstate. but it's san diego - whiter than rice and not worth ? the price - if james feeds off the energy of the crowd, is this going to be like a paul anka gig??

$45 for the cheap seats. what say you? go ahead!! count it off, one more time. do i hit it and quit?

Added by username on August 17, 2005

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