1436 Howard Street
San Francisco, California

Improve your French while listening to French music!

Beginning June 21, every Sunday at 5.30pm, PariSoMa is offering a unique French language course centered around music. Our local French teacher Iona uses classic French music artists as the point of departure for her lessons and will teach you their biography and help you understand their songs. You will also see video clips and maybe sing :)

This week's artist is Edith Piaf.

15 min - Artist bio
10 min- Video clips with lyrics
20 min - Translation and study of lyrics
10 min- Video clips with lyrics
20 min- Translation and study of lyrics
15 min- Surprise!!!

- 90 min class
- $25 per lesson (SPECIAL OFFER : $75 for 4 lessons)
- Location : 1436 Howard street (&10th)
- 12 people maximum
- Basic to advanced level

RSVP by email to melanie@parisoma.com or call us at 415 626 6406.

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