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A three webinar Networking Series

Dates: Wednesday 7th October,Wednesday 21st October and Wednesday 4th November
Time: 9 pm UK time
Location: Webinar - just log on, or pick up the phone.

Please note: You can participate in one, two or all three of the webinars, and don’t worry if you can’t make the live webinars, we’ll also be recording them so you can listen in your free time.

How to Network Your Way to the Top!!!

networkingIf you are frustrated by the old boys club, have been devastated when someone from outside your company got a position that you had applied for internally, because, it seems they knew the bosses, or you know on one hand that networking is important, but on the other you find yourself wasting a lot of time on it with no perceivable benefits, then the following course is definitely for you.

Remember the old saying “it’s not what you know it’s who you know”? Well in this competitive age the rule has never been more true. If the thought of networking makes you cringe you will love this informative course which will teach you, not only why networking is essential for YOU - but also that networking is not a “one hat fits all” approach. There is a specific method to suit every kind of person, even introverts!

If networking has not worked for you up until this point, this series is going to help you understand why, and provide you with a networking plan that is guaranteed to work for you in the future, while saving time and energy in the process.

Not convinced this course is for you?
Think about the following statistics:

1. Research has found that networking accounts for at least 60% percent of all jobs landed and the figures are said to rise as high as 90% for positions at the executive level.

2. Career experts say that the vast majority of job openings are never advertised or publicly announced, but filled through word-of-mouth or networking, known as the “hidden job market.” The likelihood of a job opening not being advertised at all increases with the level of the job.

Can you afford not to be a successful networker?

In this series we will cover three different networking arenas:

* Live networking
* Online Networking
* Inner Circle networking

You will be taught the rules for succeeding in each arena and it will become clear to you which one best suits your personality and should be your main point of focus.

Part 1. Live networking - Wednesday 7th October

* Who you need to network with and how to find these people
* How to develop an effective networking strategy that is time efficient
* How to work a live networking event for best results
* What to do after a live networking event
* How to find and maintain a minimum of 50 useful, active contacts in the next 12 months

Part 2. Online Networking - Wednesday 21st October

* How to develop a useful time efficient plan for networking online
* How to put together a profile that will make you stand out from the crowd
* How to make the most of posting on targeted networks
* How to grow your network and keep it engaged
* How to get your networking contacts to promote you

Part 3. Inner Circle networking - Wednesday 4th November
~ The most effective and underrated networking strategy of them all

* How to become the head of your own networking circle
* How to extend your inner circle of useful contacts
* How to mobilize your network
* Tips for making your network connect with you
* The importance of having clear objective in an inner circle network.

At the end of this 3 part course you will have a clear networking strategy that is in tune with your personality.

* You will no longer waste time and energy on inefficient networking
* You will know who your target network is and how to find them
* You will employ techniques which keep you top of mind with your network
* You will have a plan and a strategy for increasing your useful network by at least 50 people over the next 12 months.

NOTE: The Information provided in each part of this course will not be repeated session to session, so it is highly recommended that you attend all three parts. Although certain networking arenas might not suit your personality type, there will be plenty of information pertinent to the growth of your personal network in each session.

Official Website: http://www.womenintechnology.co.uk/webinars

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